Focus Areas:   Biological Dentistry (Mercury-removal)  •   Preventative, Family & General Dentistry  •   Cosmetic Solutions  •   High-Tech Dentistry
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Holistic Approach to Dentistry... and Life!

Our #1 priority at Centerpointe Dental is improving our patients' quality of life by using the most biocompatible dental materials, techniques and technology available.

Dr. DeLong and Dr. Williamson embrace the Mouth-Body Connection philosophy, which focuses on the strong connection between healthy smiles and healthy bodies. They place significant value on making sure that you are informed of the latest dental advances, while also ensuring that you, your body and the environment get the best care.

Mercury Removal and Replacement
• More than 25 years as a mercury-free practice
• Use of IAOMT Protocol for mercury filling removal
• Special procedures to capture mercury and protect the environment
• Referral network of other holistic practitioners
• Testing of dental materials for biocompatibility

High-Tech Dentistry
• Digital X-rays (low radiation)
• 3D X-ray (cone beam computerized technology) for more thorough diagnosis and increased accuracy for implant placement
• Intra-oral camera
• Minimally invasive dentistry
• Laser dentistry
• Air purification
Through interviews and the use of IAOMT, Dr. Williamson has removed all the mercury fillings in Susan's mouth. In addition, Susan enjoys the peaceful office environment and the friendly, caring staff.

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