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High-Tech Dentistry

We like to call it high-tech and high-touch. Centerpointe Dental invests in the latest dental technology in order to help conserve tooth structure with minimally invasive dentistry.
Digital X-rays (low radiation)
Centerpointe Dental has the new Kodak digital X-ray system, which reduces your radiation exposure by 90% less than conventional "film" X-rays. Digital X-rays make it easier to diagnose problems than conventional X-rays. Using digital X-rays also elimates the need for developing solutions, which are environmentally toxic.

Centerpointe Dental also features 3D X-ray (cone beam computerized technology) for more thorough diagnosis and increased accuracy for implant placement.

Intra-oral camera
Using a tiny, digital state-of-the-art camera, we are able to show you exactly what we see and explain conditions in your mouth that need treatment. The camera provides incredible clarity, which also helps verify insurance claims for your treatment.

Dental lasers
We have two types of lasers in our office. One is used to assist or verify areas of decay, and the other is used to recontour gum tissue, and can treat tooth sensitivity and canker sores. Lasers are less invasive than traditional procedures.

Air purification
Air purification devices are used throughout the office to keep you safe from mercury vapor, bacteria and viruses. Additionally, a mercury scavenger filter system is used "chair side" when we are removing toxic mercury fillings from your mouth and prevents mercury going into the rivers.

Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
PRF and PRP are advanced healing technologies derived from a patient's own blood. These are used during surgical procedures like extractions, grafts, implants, or cavitation surgeries to aid in healing and regeneration.

Ozone Therapy
Ozone can be used as a gas, in water or oil to aid in healing. It provides extra oxygen to human tissues and also kills bacteria, fungus, and inactivates viruses. We use ozone in a variety of dental therapies both in the office and for patients to use at home.

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