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Biological Dentistry (Mercury-Removal)

Dr. DeLong and Dr. Williamson focus on the strong connection between healthy smiles and healthy bodies. Rather than mechanically treating the mouth, we consider your entire biological system. We conduct biological testing for dental materials in order to protect you from toxic materials and materials that would produce an allergenic response in your body.

We also consider the biological effect of unhealthy or "infected" teeth and gums, and we eliminate these infections which circulate throughout the entire body.

Before & After Case Examples

mercury dental filling

Discover more about the "Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique."

• Referral network (for chelation)
• Biocompatibility testing of materials
• Mercury-capturing procedures to protect Oregon's environment

If you're concerned about the effects of mercury or toxic metals, please fill out our Mercury/Toxic Metal Sensitivity Questionnaire.

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